Telegram Crypto Marketing

Here’s what Bull Marketing offers when it comes to Crypto Influencer Marketing:

  • Understand Your Niche
  • Build An Engaging Community
  • Develop Users’ Trust
  • Create Awesome Content
  • Track Every Move

Our Approach

  • Partner with KOLs worldwide, so campaigns do not fall within geographical boundaries.
  • Recommend for crypto influencers based on a thorough analysis and review of their past performance. We verify the authenticity of the influencers – their previous posts, followers, comments – before partnering with them.
  • Hand-pick the best crypto influencers for your brand from a list of 300+ influencers for you to run campaigns across Twitter, YouTube, Telegram, and other platforms.
  • Offer clients the flexibility of choosing influencers according to their budgets.
  • Ensure that our clients get the best industry pricing after discussions & negotiations with our partners.
  • Establish and maintain long-term relationships with our partners to build trust and credibility.
  • Serve as a midpoint between clients and partners with a team available full-time to analyze ROI.

Our Results

Want to do crypto influencer marketing for your brand the right way? You’ve come to the right place, let’s GET IN TOUCH

We helped our past clients go viral in no time with our targeted influencer marketing.

Using a multi-channel marketing plan, Bull Marketing scale, resulting in 300x organic traffic, 100k+ social media impressions, and positioning the brand to a global position.

Bull Marketing provides the guidance and support you need to scale your crypto brand. If you are interested in increasing the awareness about your crypto brand with a flexible, data-driven, and customized marketing package, just get in touch with us.